brielle vaux
"It's bitter baby and it's very sweet, a holy rollercoaster but I'm on my feet."
Brielle Nicole Vaux was born to Charles and Christine Vaux on a stormy day in May of 1989 - the only day in ten years that Astoria, Queens was under a tornado warning. Eight years after her older twin brothers, Braysin and Bryan were born, Brielle entered the world a bald headed, screaming bundle of terror. Despite the incessant wailing and shrill screams that came from their only daughter, Charles and Christine were over the moon with their miracle baby. They had tried for years to conceive another child, both quietly wishing for a daughter, and were elated to have finally completed their family.

To Brielle, her childhood was relatively normal. Christine worked as a teacher, having recently retired, and her father was a well-known defense attorney at a successful Manhattan firm. She earned good grades throughout elementary and middle school, spending her free time drawing or painting. It was all too easy to stay out of trouble (or, at least not to get caught) with Braysin and Bryan keeping tabs on her, something she'd eventually be thankful for. In her free time, Brielle was often dragging into various games or sports by her brothers, but left to her own devices she prefered the quiet calm of small, secret spaces. The small cemetary down the street came to be her private retreat on the days or nights when the yelling and screaming inside the small Astoria apartment became too much to bear. It was only the start of the soundtrack to her life being marked by abrasive yelling and arguing. During those turbulent evenings, she became laser focused on drawing her emotions or capturing the events of what she thought might be happening downstairs between her mother and father, or father and brothers. While most children retain their innocence and childlike wonder long into their elementary years, Brielle was wise beyond her years after hearing the content of such arguments. In sharp contrast to the passionate altercations that frequently occurred, however, she was a generally quiet and introverted soul. It felt safer that way, though that began to change as she matured and hardened to the harsh realities of the Vaux microcosm.

As she got older and once Braysin moved out, Brielle began to understand life a bit differently. Without her brother there to protect her, she took on the role of protector on the evenings that Charles came home a bit too early, a bit too intoxicated, and passionately eager for a fight. She quickly came to the harsh realization that while she had been hold up inside of her room drawing, coloring, and painting, the scene was quite different in the rest of her house. Not surprisingly, Brielle grew up and matured much more quickly than her same aged peers, never once mourning the loss of her innocence taken too soon. She was a woman of action, thoughts pushed aside until later, which made her useful in emergency situations - like when she found her mother bloodied and beaten on the kitchen floor. Throughout her time at PS 84, Brielle often felt out of place among her peers. She hadwitnessed and been through more than the average fifteen year old and while she wanted to focus on school and earning good grades, she often found herself distracted and concerned regarding the whereabouts and goings on between her parents. After long, she realized that it was simply easier to throw herself into her work, just as she had done with her art. And so, while she had a few stints of troublesome episodes in high school, Brielle's ultimate focus became earning high enough marks to attend an out of state college. She joined the cheerleading team and served as captain for a short stint, even tried her hand at other sports. As her high school years when on, she wound up pushing away close friends as things in her household grew more tense and aggressive. She had her eye to the future and was intently focused on graduating and moving as far away as possible.

Two days after graduating from high school, Brielle left New York and headed west to begin her college career at UC Berkeley. The moment that plane landed was the fresh start she had been looking for all along. For the next four years she studied studio art and media, thriving in an environment that was not the angst-ridden home she knew all her life. She was overwhelmed with guilt initially, constantly concerned over the well being of her parents, but eventually eased into the laid back lifestyle that California offered. She was able to temporarily shed the crown she wore so heavy atop her brunette head, tired of being her father's pride and joy while the rest of her family got the brunt of his frustration and anger. Brielle ended up spending six years out in California, rarely coming back home to New York, even for holidays. Braysin was no longer around and the thought of going home to the once familiar soundtrack of shrill screams and broken dishes made her skin crawl. Out in California, Brielle had built a life for herself. She had begun to seriously date Sawyer Wheaton, a relationship that was turbulent and unhealthy despite the years they both managed to stick things out. Brielle began to work at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art where she had the opportunity to work with immense talent and meet people who inspired her daily. During that time, her time was spent attending events, creating, and soaking up every single experience offered to her that ultimately enriched her skillset and appreciation for art.

With no intentions of returning to New York, Brielle was dumbfounded and shocked when she recieved a call from Braysin begging her to come home. Permanently. He informed her that things had gotten bad - not only between Charles and Christine, but with Christine's health - and that he wouldn't be asking if he didn't truly believe it was important for her to be there. Family was always Brielle's number one priority, even halfway across the country, even despite the circumstances of her childhood, even knowing exactly what she'd be going home to. The week before Brielle was supposed to move back home, Sawyer proposed. It wasn't particularly romantic and certainly not over the top, but his request was earnest. To his dismay, Brielle simply could not bring herself to say yes. She simply had too many obligations, her mind wasn't in the right place, and she hadn't fully conceptualized her feelings on marriage in the first place. Her simple answer to Sawyer was 'I can't,' before packings her bags and moving back to New York in the days following his proposal. When she returned home, the same dark cloud of doom that hung over her head had returned. She lived with her parents for a short while until she was no longer able to take it and moved into her own apartment. Charles, happy to see his baby girl back home and eager to help her settle, helped her acquire a job at the current law office where she works doing paralegal work. She works there a few days per week and the rest of her time is spent at Pioneer Works, a non-profit foundation in Red Hook that fosters multidisciplinary creativity in the arts and sciences. Founded by artist Dustin Yellin, a friend from California, he recruited Brielle to work part time and offered her a small space of her own to turn into a studio.

ADVOCATE (INFJ-T) (myers-briggs)
INFJs are gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types. INFJs are creative nurturers with a strong sense of personal integrity and a drive to help others realize their potential. Creative and dedicated, they have a talent for helping others with original solutions to their personal challenges. They have a unique ability to intuit others' emotions and motivations, and will often know how someone else is feeling before that person knows it himself. They trust their insights about others and have strong faith in their ability to read people. Although they are sensitive, they are also reserved; the INFJ is a private sort, and is selective about sharing intimate thoughts and feelings. INFJs often appear quiet, caring and sensitive, and may be found listening attentively to someone else’s ideas or concerns. They are highly perceptive about people and want to help others achieve understanding. INFJs are not afraid of complex personal problems; in fact, they are quite complex themselves, and have a rich inner life that few are privy to. They reflect at length on issues of ethics, and feel things deeply. (x)

Taurus (zodiac)
Known for being reliable, practical, ambitious and sensual, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus have an eye for beauty. They tend to be good with finances, and hence, make efficient financial managers. Taurus has the ability to see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. They find it easy to make money and stay on same projects for years, or until they are completed. What we often see as stubbornness can be interpreted as commitment, and their ability to complete tasks whatever it takes is uncanny. This makes them excellent employees, great long-term friends and partners, always being there for people they love. Earthly note makes them overprotective, conservative, or materialistic at times, with views of the world founded on their love of money and wealth. A Taurus woman longs for true love and security. It is very unlikely that she will give into her desires and instincts quickly, and if someone wishes to have her heart, they will have to spend a lot of time and energy into the game of winning her over, making her feel comfortable. Once she falls in love she becomes affectionate, intimate, close and loyal, standing by her partner for as long as he is faithful to her. She has an eye for beautiful things and appreciates simplicity of fine things in life, so the way to approach her is through enjoyable shared moments, respect for privacy, fine food and a gentle touch. This is a woman who doesn’t like to feel rushed when dating and needs to have her time. Once she feels comfortable and secure with someone, she will happily and quickly give her heart without holding back. (x)

 basic information
full name: brielle nicole vaux
nicknames: b, bri, breezy, queen bri
birthdate: may 10, 1989 (27)
residence: astoria, ny
occupation: Administrative assistant at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP law firm. (Part time - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
& Pioneer Works art gallery in Brooklyn. (Various days/times; works most major events)

relationship status: prime for all the minglings.
father (charles vaux - deceased 5/20/16)
mother (christine vaux)
Braysin Vaux, older brother;
Bryan Vaux, brother, estranged
media & studio arts ba, 2013, uc berkeley
facts and favorites
Agnostic, raised Christian in non-denominational churches.

spoken languages
Englsh, competent in some French and German.

Letters 'B' and 'C' (right), 'A' and 'J' (left) on the side of index and middle fingers.

A half blind cat named Milo, adopted from an Astoria shelter & miniature huskey named Max that she got in California.

bad habits
Smoking: preferred brand is Marlboro Light, and usually only smokes about half the cigarette.

favorite food
Steak or any other type of meat, as well as various snacks (cereal and crackers).

Horror genre everything, cemetaries, abandoned places, traveling, non life threatening adventures, live music, competitive sports, lemon and mint in her water, sarcasm, dark jokes/films/movies/books, cookie dough ice cream, sushi, real NY bagels, wearing 'mens' clothing (extra comfy, too big for her), the sound of traffic.

The scent or taste of licorice, watching movies in the theater, socks, sweetener or milk in her coffee, a messy apartment or work space, slow walkers, people who don't watch where they're going or have spatial awareness, hearing people chew, the sound of someone cutting their nails in a public place, general rudeness or disrespect, closemindedness, people talking poorly about her family.

out of character
played by: emily ratajkowski
aim: brikini season
journal: bnv
writing: random scenes & customs welcome. ooc friendly. adult pref. est.
credit: edited from paradi / celany